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Hi there!

We're Mehek and Nida from Houston, a team of self-taught artist sisters/bffs blending our love of color and form through handcrafted goods since 2016. We believe in shopping small, supporting our local girl gang, and that love is intrinsically greater than fear.

Our family is made up of a long line of artists, so to nobody's surprise except our own, we quit our full time jobs and decided to focus on spreading joy through creativity (sorry for kinda sorta wasting college tuition mom and dad, we'll make it up to you!)


We're big fans of color theory, modern illustration by talented women, interior design spaces made from dreams, and animal videos (where we found inspo for our company name back in 2015!) We design and make everything with our hands including all our branding, media, product styling, photography, and model jewelry with our generous friends who have supported us since day one. 

We've committed to an original style reflecting who we are while designing for everyone, and intentionally create when we feel our best. We want you to feel invincible while wearing our products because loving yourself is a revolutionary act.


A portion of our profits have always been donated to organizations that support issues we care about including women's rights, social justice and equity, hunger, animal rescue, and refugee resettlement.

Our stockists include numerous independent stores across the country, and we're always looking for new retail partners (holla!)

Stay rad and be kind,
thanks for stopping by