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Work Wednesday Edition One Awareness

Work Wednesday Edition One Awareness

Disclaimer: I'm writing this from the POV of a healthy(ish) able bodied young(ish) woman with no kids or pets and no intention of telling you what to do because there's no correct way to deal with the current trash fire that is the world at the moment. Also, I'm not a professional writer or an expert, and don't want to spur debate or entertain any negativity. I'm aware there's an extra amount of blogs and e-mail newsletters floating around lately and I honestly suggest reading them all. If you can relate to me, fantastic! If not, I hope you can find someone/something else that brings you clarity and connection during this time. 

Here we go!

I quit my teaching career last June to pursue Chauncey and Coco full time with my sister, so working from home over the last six weeks is familiar territory. I additionally work part time for an art museum which recently temporarily closed to the public and have shifted to a wfh model with that team,so am currently sustaining both professional roles from my dining room.

The tips mentioned below are based on personal experience and ideas I want to share with others who might be looking for an independent business perspective on working remotely. *this is how we do it starts playing in my head*

WFH Tips Round One: Build Awareness and Reflect

I'm a stickler for details and over the last few weeks have paused to be a bit more mindful and aware of my habits. Here are a few simple questions you can ask yourself to help take a step back and figure out what works for you and what doesn't. P.S. Change is gradual!

1) What parts of your body feel good and what don't? (again, speaking as a completely able-bodied person)

If you don't work out on a regular basis, I suggest at least stretching in the morning if you can comfortably do so and identify what you might be physically able to accomplish and what you might need to limit that day.

2) What kind of light do you focus better in?

Geez I hate flourescent office tube lights and will lose my mind if I don't work near a window with natural light

3) What is your ideal time of day or night to work during?

We all have drastically different sleep schedules and there's no right or wrong answer- try and pin point what time frame you feel like you're most productive and plan your work day around that. I've never been a morning person and honestly never voluntarily will be, which is fine because my best ideas come to me at 2 a.m. and I keep notebooks and pens next to my bed accordingly. If you currently have the luxury of adjusting your sleep schedule solely according to what makes you feel best, go for it and enjoy it while you can.

4) What type of clothing are you comfortable in BUT isn't so cozy to the point that you'll fall asleep at your desk

Y'all, I'm not advocating wearing jeans at home but switching from pajamas to yoga leggings is a game changer

5) What are you feeling? Hint: its probably a lot.

It's a very heavy question right now with tons of answers, I'm sorry I snuck it in but we hafta talk about it or at the very least acknowledge it.  
This part of reflection is focused on identifying the ways in which you feel like you can express emotions in a healthy way. What methods work for you and doesn't hurt others in the process?

6) Who are the people in your life that actually contribute good vibes?

We don't need negativity or drama right now. Who can you call for support? Who are you looking forward to reuniting with irl? 

7) What foods or drinks makes you sleepy, what energizes you, and what do you consume for comfort?

Eat as much as you want, I'm not one to judge (trust me, I'm literally 4 feet away from the pantry most of the day). I have divided my food groups according to how they make me feel and have been eating them at specific times of the day to coincide with what I'm doing and what my body needs during those time frames. I've also been paying extra attention to the lack of vitamins we might be experiencing right now and scheduled times to take supplements and drink pressed juice daily.  

Thanks for reading and hope some of my words helped!  Next Wednesday I'll be writing about laying foundations for working from home with an audio version to accompany that post.

Be kind to yourself and don't let anyone make you feel guilty for the ways in which you cope if you're not hurting anyone.
Some days I honestly sleep in til noon and watch a solid 7 hours of Netflix, we're all just doing our best.